Friday, 13 May 2011

Structural issues

Much emphasis is placed on a county in South Florida where a core number of Baha’is have completed the sequence, and around 40-50 individuals who were not Baha’is have converted having undertaken some study circles.

It is proposed that this forms a model of how the Ruhi books can advance the process of “entry by troops”. There are three problems with this approach.

First, we have no way of knowing whether it is the study circles or something indirectly related to these courses that has been the factor that enabled these individuals to convert. It is possible that mobilizing Baha’is to do anything in large numbers will attract non-Baha’is, and it is the non-specific aspects of the study circles that work, such as socializing with Baha’is. If that is the case, then it would argue for increased numbers of deepenings, firesides, and a myriad of other activities, rather than solely study circles.

Second, we have no way of knowing if these individuals would have become Baha’is anyway, irrespective of study circles or not.

Third, we have no way of knowing if the study circles put off other individuals who may have become Baha’is but didn’t. It has been suggested that intellectuals and prominent people would not find this approach positive.

Fourth, there may be other clusters that have met similar criteria as South Florida, and yet have not experienced any growth. Information on all “A-Clusters” could be released and discussed.

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  1. Are the Haifan Bahais willing to recognize that the Bayani community of Iran and the assorted schismatic Bahai groups whom they have persecuted and Othered for well over a century are also not Others. Does this conference mean that a new policy is in effect that will no longer seek to Other non-Bahais, Bahai critics, Bahai dissidents, Bahai schismatics and Bayanis (Azali Babis) by the Haifan Bahais? Does this mean that the Haifan Bahai organization will no longer speak of Covenant Breakers and enemies of the faith - categories explicitly indicative of Othering? Is this conference meant to cease the activities of the Bahai Internet Agency which has been systematically orchestrating the Othering of assorted groups of people the Haifan UHJ deems to be ideological enemies? Has Moojan Momen renounced his positions in this published article? As a result of this conference has the Haifan Bahai community renounced the Othering of assorted holy figures of the Bayani community within published Bahai literature? So on and so forth.

    If all forms of Othering are hereby renounced by the Haifan Bahai organization, then this is great news and I, for one, applaud this momentous undertaking and milestone! If, however, no such undertaking has been made as a result of this conference - and no acknowledgement forthcoming as to the Othering perpetrated by the Haifan Bahai organization itself for well over a century to the aforementioned - then the conference was merely convened as an empty photo-op propaganda opportunity, and so this conference is wasted opportunity and an example of religious hypocrisy at its fullest extent! If so, all those who participated in this conference are to the last hypocrites and one day will have to answer before Almighty God for their double-standards.